Every property owner should be aware that drains and sewer lines need to be cleared on a regular basis to prevent backups and clogs. Over time, things like hair, grease, tree roots, toilet paper, and other stuff can cause your drains to become clogged. But being proactive about it can significantly reduce the costs and hassle of fixing more extreme plumbing problems later down the line. We recommend having your drains cleaned out at least once every other year. And if you notice a problem between cleanouts, you should call SLO County Plumbing right away.

Just like other home maintenance tasks, regular pipe and drain maintenance is always a good idea, especially if you have an older home. Your home’s pipe system is something that many people often forget about – as long as it’s working. But once there’s a problem with your pipes, it can be costly and annoying. Prevent those headaches by hiring a plumber to clean your drains often.

Hire The Drain Cleaning Experts at SLO County Plumbing

When it comes to sewer drain cleaning and clogs, we are specialists. SLO County Plumbing provides full-service drain cleaning for any and all of your drains both inside and outside of your home. We have the best equipment available for any size and type of drain. Our drain cleaning equipment is capable of removing hair, roots, soft stoppages, and even the most difficult grease build-up. We also have the capacity to hydro jet lines for a complete restoration.

If you need routine or emergency drain service in the San Luis Obispo area, call SLO County Plumbing today at (805) 543-7586. We will send out an experienced and professional plumber to assess your situation and take care of the problem.

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