When the pipes in your SLO area home freeze due to cold temperatures, the flow of water is obstructed, which causes pressure to build up, eventually causing the pipes to burst. Frozen pipes can potentially lead to a lot of problems if left unaddressed. Take a few moments to learn about the potential consequences of burst pipes and the damage they can cause.

Poor Water Pressure

The first symptom of frozen water pipes is little to no water pressure when turning on the faucet or shower. You may hear the sound of water trying to move through the pipes but only a trickle will come out. It’s often best to contact an experienced local plumber in San Luis Obispo to diagnose and resolve the problem.


The water in a frozen pipe will continue to expand until eventually the pipe itself bursts. This will release the water that has been building up, possibly causing extensive flooding. If you’ve noticed water leaks in or around your home, or large pools of standing water, it could be caused by a burst water pipe.

Mold and Mildew

The subsequent water damage following a burst pipe can contribute to the growth of mold or mildew inside the home. Mold will grow quickly on surfaces like carpet or drywall. The presence of mold in a home can greatly diminish indoor air quality and potentially aggravate health issues in loved ones. 

Local SLO Plumber for Burst Pipes

If you’re having problems with frozen pipes in your San Luis Obispo County home, call SLO Plumbing today for fast, reliable plumbing service when you need help the most. We understand that when pipes freeze, it’s not always at a convenient hour. That’s why SLO Plumbing provides comprehensive 24-hour emergency pipe repair services to our valued customers. Contact us to stop the damage caused by frozen pipes or replace pipes that have burst.

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