Wondering how to fix low water pressure in your home?

Low water pressure in a home can make a shower, which was once relaxing, very dreadful. It can make it hard to wash your dishes or even run your appliances. The first step to fixing your problem and finding a potential leak is identifying if the low water pressure is restricted to just one facet or many. If it’s more than one, you don’t have wor worry about the fixture itself because it’s most likely a problem with your pipes or water supply. If it’s restricted to only one area like your sink, the most common causes are a clogged aerator or clogged cartridge which can easily be cleaned or replaced.

Checking your pipes

Is it possible that your pipes are clogged and corroded? Rusted pipes are a major cause of debris and clogging. If there’s any sort of break in a main line, all kinds of debris can enter your piping, constricting the flow and decreasing your water pressure. If you don’t know how to do this, we recommend giving us a call. We can help with any plumbing needs, repair work, leaks, or emergency plumbing issues.

Are you using too many appliances at once?

The more appliances you use at once, the more likely your water pressure will be affected. The simplest solution is to stagger your water needs usage throughout the day. Think about when your family tends to shower. If they shower in the mornings, it may be best not to run the dishwasher or throw in a load of laundry until after showers are completed. Another great trick is to run your sprinkler system in the middle of the night, which is not only the coolest time of day and when water gets absorbed the most, but you are likely not using any major appliances during that time.

Simple things you can do:

  • Identify if the low water pressure is affecting one or more fixtures
  • Flush your water heater
  • Use vinegar to clean the faucets
  • Replace any corroded plumbing
  • Make sure that your home’s main water valve is fully open
  • Be mindful of how many things you are running at the same time


Local SLO Plumber for Low Water Pressure

If you’re still having problems with water pressure in your San Luis Obispo County home, call SLO Plumbing today for fast, reliable plumbing service when you need help the most. We also understand that there can be emergencies and it’s not always at a convenient hour. That’s why SLO Plumbing provides comprehensive 24-hour emergency pipe repair services to our valued customers. Contact us to help identify if you have a leak or other issues causing low water pressure in your home.

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