What are Grease Traps?

Grease traps, also known as grease interceptors, are plumbing devices used to prevent grease, oil, and fat from seeping into the water waste management system. Prevention is necessary for both environmental and maintenance reasons. Grease traps prevent the unnecessary waste from flowing into local waterways and eventually oceans. They also prevent major plumbing issues from occurring. As fat, oil, and grease cools, it hardens and attaches to the siding of pipes, over time this buildup will cause major blockage and can result in extremely expensive plumbing repairs.

If you are a food establishment owner in the SLO county area it is important you have a grease trap system installed in your business, and perform routine maintenance. SLO County Plumbing are experts in installing grease traps and can assist in properly maintaining your system.

Reasons Grease Traps are Important

    • Safety: When grease builds up in pipes, it can cause major blockages in the sewer collection system. These blockages can overflow into local water systems causing health and safety concerns.
    • Compliance with Grease Regulations: local, state, and federal governments have grease regulations that business owners must comply with. It is important these regulations are followed in order to avoid costly fines and consequences.
    • Plumbing Maintenance: Grease traps help prevent hard buildup within your plumbing system. It is important they are properly maintained to avoid unnecessary plumbing issues that can be very costly to fix.

Grease Trap Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

SLO County Plumbing technicians are extremely experienced with grease trap installations, repairs, and maintenance. We stay current on all local, state, and federal laws involving grease regulations to ensure your system will be installed and maintained according to government regulations. Our technicians have installed numerous grease traps around SLO County and are confident in their ability to efficiently perform all tasks involved. If you are a new business owner in need of a grease trap installation or are a current business owner in need of a repair or maintenance our technicians can help. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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