Issues involving the pipes in your home can lead to serious problems and leaks if not maintained properly. Often times, homeowners are unaware there is even a problem until major damage has occurred. The experts at SLO County plumbing have extensive knowledge in home piping systems and can help determine whether you need to replace the pipes in your home.

Commons signs the pipes in your home may need to replaced:

  • Water discoloration: when older pipes deteriorate they begin to rust and collect mineral deposits. Overtime, the rust and deposits build up and seep into your water supply, thus causing a reddish – brownish discoloration. Not only is this harmful to your health, but it can also lead to serious plumbing problems.
  • Strong odor: a strong odor can be caused by the persistent build up in older and deteriorating pipes. If you are experiencing a strong odor coming from your faucet you may need to replace the pipes in your home.
  • Water pressure is low or poor: Low or poor water pressure can be a sign of cracks or leaks in a pipe. Prolonged leaks can lead to severe water damage and even mold.
  • Increased water bill: undetected leaks can result in wasted water and increased water bills. If you feel your water bill has increased, check previous statements and compare the usage.
  • Experience frequent leaks or clogs: Persistent leaks and clogs can be a good indication that your pipes are corroding and/or deteriorating. If this problem goes unfixed, it can lead to major leaks or pipe breaks.
  • Home is more than 15 years old: If your home is more than 15 years old, chances are your piping system is outdated. If your home was built before 1986, it is very possible it contains a galvanized piping structure or lead pipes. Both types of pipes can be very dangerous and can cause lead poisoning.

Home Repiping Specialist

If you find yourself in need of home repiping our experienced technicians can help. We have over 20 years experience in whole house repiping and ensure the best quality of work and craftsmanship. Our technicians stay current on industry trends to make sure they provide our clients with the best piping options available.

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